ZP - Resilience through SMART solutions for municipalities, cities and regions (Cohesive municipalities, cities and regions)A - People and Communities (Resilient Communities, Cities and Regions)B - Local economy (Competitive cities, municipalities and regions)C - Environment for life (Green cities, municipalities and regions)
A1 - Education as the basis of a quality lifeA2 - Social and health services availableA3 - Social resilience - and securityA4 - Rapid response – an integrated approach to resilience
A1-1 - Local governments create conditions (spatial, material and other) for education without physical and administrative barriers for all age categories of their residents.A1-2 - The education system is adapted to new technologies and digitization, appropriate education is available to every resident.A1-3 - Universities, as centers of education, creativity and innovation in their region, prioritize education and research appropriate to the digital age.A1-4 - In cities and towns, conditions are created for sports and activities to support the health and safety of all population groups (based on age, gender, economic demands, etc.).