The aim of the project

Connect relevant partners in the given area of SMART strategies Prepare procedures for classification of SMART strategies in V4 countries into one complex database portal Offer V4 partners international cooperation in unifying SMART strategies to GreenDeal/SDG rules. The vision is to strengthen the unity and effectiveness in implementation of SMART strategies in all V4 countries.

Main results of the project

Task-01: Plan for implementation of "SMART Concept" in V4 countries
SMART Concept[EN / CZ / SK / HU / PL]
Treemap of measures within the SmartCities Concept[EN / CZ / SK / HU / PL]
SMART Concept implementation plan[EN / CZ / SK / HU / PL]
Task-02: Analysis of existence and content of national legal+methodological documents for the preparation of "SMART strategies" in V4 countries
Legal and methodological framework for implementing SMART City strategies in V4 countries[EN / CZ / SK / HU / PL]
Task-03: Analysis of "SMART strategies" of regions and cities in V4 countries. After Analysis will be created collection of "SMART strategies" in V4 countries, for which compliance with the "SMART Concept"
List of analyzed Smart strategies of V4 countries[EN]
Compliance analysis of SMART strategies and SMART concept[EN]
Task-04: Pilot analysis of compliance with selected "SMART strategies" and the SMART Concept/GreenDeal/SDG in V4 countries <
Dictionary for NLP engine[EN / CZ / SK / HU / PL]
SW module for dictionary analysis[EN]
Task-05: V4 strategy plan for implementation of SMART concept/GreenDeal/SDG into Smart strategies
Basic methodology for implementing Green Deal principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into SMART strategies[EN / CZ / SK / HU / PL]
SMART strategy for V4 countries
SMART strategy report for V4 countries[EN]
S4S - Final report for V4 countries
Project final report for V4 countries[EN + CZ / SK / HU / PL]
Project partners

Project partners

Czech Smart City Cluster, z.s.

The Czech Smart City Cluster (CSCC) creates a unique partnership between companies, state administration, self-government, knowledge institutions and city residents. We are the innovators of the Smart City idea in the Czech Republic. We strive to build smart cities in which social and technological infrastructure and solutions facilitate and accelerate sustainable economic growth.

Slovak Smart City Cluster

We are an association of legal entities integrating representatives of the business environment, technological innovations carriers, representatives of public administration and academic environment. We are open to all subjects with interest in support of development and propagation of Smart city concept and urban regions in Slovakia.

Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft.

DJN is involved in many national strategies (DES - Digital Education Strategy of Hungary, DSS - Digital Startup Strategy of Hungary, DEDS- The Digital Export Development Strategy of Hungary, DCPS- The Digital Child Protection Strategy of Hungary, PCDS- Public Collection Digitization Strategy) and activites (Digital state / knowledge / economy / access / networks).

South Poland Cleantech Cluster Sp. z o.o. non for profit

The vision of South Poland Cleantech Cluster is to establish Central Europe’s leading and at the same time one of the most competitive cleantech clusters in the world. This will deliver superior innovation and co-create a facilitating for the introduction of cleantech technologies and services across sectors.


Project team

Project consortium brings together leading experts in "Smart-city/region" sector from V4 countries to solve common problems and task.

Jozef Regec


Czechia: Czech Smart City Cluster, z.s.

Igor Wzoš

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Slovakia: Slovak Smart City Cluster

Atilla Balla


Hungary: Digitális Jólét Nonprofit Kft.



Czech Smart City Cluster, z.s. - (lead partner)


Újezd 450/40, Prague, 11800, Czechia


+420 724 269 698