ZP - Resilience through SMART solutions for municipalities, cities and regions (Cohesive municipalities, cities and regions)A - People and Communities (Resilient Communities, Cities and Regions)B - Local economy (Competitive cities, municipalities and regions)C - Environment for life (Green cities, municipalities and regions)
B1 - Entrepreneurship is a natural part of the life of a village, city and regionB2 - Citizens and municipalities as partners or part of energy suppliersB3 - Raw materials and recycled or secondary raw materials in the circular economy, development of the bioeconomyB4 - ICT infrastructure – a basic prerequisite for the success of digitization
B4-1 - Sufficiently dimensioned ICT infrastructure is available throughout the territory of the country.B4-2 - Cities, municipalities and regions have the necessary infrastructure and ICT equipment for their activities.B4-3 - The ICT infrastructure enables the safe development of digital services at the level of cities, municipalities and regions.
  1. Establishment of regional databases of plans for investments in linear constructions in intra- and extra-urban areas in accordance with Act No. 194/2017 Coll.
  2. Development of coordination of activities associated with the construction or significant renovation of line structures with the development of networks with very high capacity (with the aim of reducing investment funds).
  3. Removal of existing obstacles and reduction of investment requirements in the construction of networks with very high capacity (e.g. removal of requirements for the application of multiple costs in the repair of road and pavement surfaces, removal of duplicate fees, etc.).
  4. Supporting the search for ways to speed up the very process of project preparation and construction of electronic communication networks.
  5. Creation of a ICT development strategy for regions, cities and municipalities, including the incorporation of the development of electronic communications networks into spatial plans) with the professional support of the Broadband Competence Office (BCO) and the Ministry of the Interior.