ZP - Resilience through SMART solutions for municipalities, cities and regions (Cohesive municipalities, cities and regions)A - People and Communities (Resilient Communities, Cities and Regions)B - Local economy (Competitive cities, municipalities and regions)C - Environment for life (Green cities, municipalities and regions)
C1 - Environment for quality life in municipalities, cities and regionsC2 - Nature and landscape supporting resilienceC3 - Green and blue infrastructure of cities and municipalities of the futureC4 - Transport infrastructure and mobility adapted to people
C1-1 - The air in cities and towns is not polluted by harmful substances from identifiable sources.C1-2 - Water sources in a specific area are protected from pollution, the restoration and development of water supply and sewerage infrastructure is supported with the aim of optimizing the distribution of drinking water and the removal and treatment of waste water.C1-3 - A high degree of soil and biodiversity protection is achieved in a specific area.