ZP - Resilience through SMART solutions for municipalities, cities and regions (Cohesive municipalities, cities and regions)A - People and Communities (Resilient Communities, Cities and Regions)B - Local economy (Competitive cities, municipalities and regions)C - Environment for life (Green cities, municipalities and regions)
C1 - Environment for quality life in municipalities, cities and regionsC2 - Nature and landscape supporting resilienceC3 - Green and blue infrastructure of cities and municipalities of the futureC4 - Transport infrastructure and mobility adapted to people
C4-1 - Available transport infrastructure corresponding to needs, safe infrastructure for alternative drives and for the development of non-motorized transport in municipalities, cities and regions, with regard to reducing emissions and the impact on the climate.C4-2 - Targeted communication with local residents enables the adoption of an attractive mobility alternative with minimal environmental impact.C4-3 - Public space from the point of view of transport infrastructure and mobility is addressed in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.