ZP - Resilience through SMART solutions for municipalities, cities and regions (Cohesive municipalities, cities and regions)A - People and Communities (Resilient Communities, Cities and Regions)B - Local economy (Competitive cities, municipalities and regions)C - Environment for life (Green cities, municipalities and regions)
ZPO1 - Digital public administration is a service to people, communities and businessesZPO2 - SMART solutions contribute to belonging in the territoryZPO3 - Common solutions – a tool for cohesion without digitally excluded localitiesZPO4 - Partners at home and abroad in sharing SMART solutions
ZPO3-1 - Municipalities/cities cooperate on the most suitable solutions for citizens (intermunicipal cooperation), a system of cooperation within the public administration is set up for joint solutions by all actors in the territory.ZPO3-2 - On the basis of national and regional RIS3 strategies, there is a dynamic development of cities, municipalities and regions.ZPO3-3 - The vertical connection between the municipality – the region – the state supports effective (digital) solutions.
  1. Update of regional RIS3 strategies with regard to the application of SMART solutions in the development of cities and municipalities - creation of a procedure for ascertaining the needs of the public sector through the public discovery process.
  2. Expanding the functioning of the Regional Councils for Innovation (competitiveness) with activities for the benefit of the application of SMART solutions in the development of cities and municipalities.
  3. The inclusion of consulting services to support the preparation of projects and the cooperation of research organizations with municipalities in the SMART accelerator project, the inclusion of innovations in public space in regional RIS3 strategies, or to a document fulfilling their function.